Présentation de Pharm'Aging

Pharm’Aging is a company specialized in aging and in particular in skincare able to prevent skin aging. It exploits an international patent resulting from French biomedical research (CNRS and INSERM) whose molecules have applications in cosmetics and health.

Pharm’Aging designs, studies, researches, develops, manufactures and markets high-tech anti-aging dermo-cosmetic ingredients and products.

Its first anti-aging active ingredient called Lygalamine is able to act on several mechanisms against skin aging and to push away the onset of wrinkles.

More than a technological innovation, Pharm’Aging offers a new strategy to fight skin aging.


Assets of Pharm’Aging

A scientifically proven efficacy and with transparency.

Biomedical research

Pharm’Aging company exclusively uses several molecules based on research work initiated over 15 years ago by French research laboratories (CNRS, INSERM, etc.) and which have led to the filing of a worldwide patent.


Pharm’Aging company is developing an active ingredient that has demonstrated greater efficacy than the gold standard active ingredients on the anti-aging cosmetic market. This active ingredient acts on several mechanisms of skin aging in order to repel the harmful effects.


Pharm’Aging company undertakes to communicate with enhanced transparency about the validity and the scientific seriousness of the efficacy studies carried out on its anti-aging active ingredient.

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