Founded in Marseille, Pharm’Aging is a company specialized in aging and in particular in skincare to prevent skin aging. It exploits an international patent resulting from French biomedical research, the molecules of which have applications in cosmetics and health.

Pharm’Aging designs, studies, researches, develops, manufactures and markets high-tech anti-aging dermo-cosmetic ingredients and products.

Its first anti-aging active ingredient: Lygalamine, targets several mechanisms of skin aging and thus repels the appearance of wrinkles. More than a technological innovation, Pharm’Aging offers a new strategy to fight skin aging.

Our vision

The vision of Pharm’Aging is to develop anti-aging active ingredients and cosmetics with scientifically proven efficacy and in complete transparency.

To do so, this vision is based on the implementation of a business strategy:

Based on innovation

Its first anti-aging active ingredient from French public research (INSERM, CNRS) is exclusive to Pharm’Aging because this innovation is patented worldwide. It is an active ingredient with a preventive action on skin aging via a triple action. In order to continue innovating by offering other active ingredients, Pharm’Aging devotes a significant research and development budget (currently this represents 80% of its total budget).

Based on scientific tests

Contrary to the competition which is satisfied with a satisfaction questionnaire, Pharm’Aging company carries out scientifically proven effectiveness tests and validated by the publication of a scientific article in an international journal with strong reputation.

Based on increased transparency on scientific tests

All efficacy results will be published and explained in simple terms so that everyone can understand them.

L'histoire de Pharm'Aging

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